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Mobile operators should do more to stop spam


A survey by Cloudmark has revealed that the top 12 mobile operators expect the increase in the popularity of using mobiles for social networking and email to prompt a significant increase in mobile spam.

However, only 16% of the mobile operators taking part in the survey said they were looking at how best to reduce spam, with 25% of the companies claiming their budgets do not allow them to develop new solutions. A quarter also stated that spamming was not enough of a problem to justify further investigation.

The message security vendor’s survey found that the mobile operators admitted that 20% of their customers are affected by spam. An earlier Cloudmark survey discovered that two thirds of users would consider changing mobile operators if they received too much spam. Despite these statistics, 83% of the mobile firms questioned had no filtering systems in place to protect their customers from unsolicited messages and their effects.

Head of Cloudmark’s technology services, Neil Cook, said that the problem was expanding beyond plain junk email attacks to encompass fraud, phishing and identity theft.

He added, “It’s imperative [that] mobile operators take all spam seriously and implement security solutions now to prevent losing customers.’


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