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Mobile broadband devices becoming increasingly popular


IBM has released the results of a survey it sponsored to explore consumers` preferences in terms of how they access the internet.

More than half of the 600 USA, Chinese and UK consumers polled said they would be happy to substitute their PC for a mobile internet device.

Mobile broadband looks set to become increasingly popular over the next few years. By 2011, 39% of consumers said they would increase their use of mobile internet devices by 40%. Experts have predicted that the 50% of the world`s population that currently use mobile phones will increase to 80% by 2013: an extra 5.8 billion people.

Dr. Sungyoul Lee, Global Consulting Leader, Electronics Industry at IBM commented on the results of the survey: "Worldwide adoption of the mobile phone as the preferred device for accessing the Internet is just around the corner.

"With 70 percent of consumers worldwide who believe that the mobile Internet has the potential to add significant to moderate value to their day-to-day lives, the time is now for companies to develop intuitive applications and services that allow people of all ages to effortlessly access and use the internet while on the go - anytime, and anywhere."


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