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Mobile phone virtualization imminent


VMware has announced its new Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP) to embed its virtualization technology directly onto mobile phones, as an extra layer that decouples the applications and data from the underlying hardware.

The company will work alongside mobile phone and smartphone vendors to implement the new technology - although it will not yet reveal which vendors it is working with. The first handsets should be available by early 2010 - maybe even by the end of 2009.

The new MVP will enable users to run multiple operating systems or multiple profiles - for example, one for personal use and one for work use - on the same phone. IT and support representatives will be able to set up one profile that follows all the policies necessary to keep the enterprise secure, while the end user can simultaneously run anything they like on their personal profile.

The new technology will also make it easier for users to move personal data and files - such as applications, pictures, videos, music and e-mail - to a new device, when they want to upgrade their handset.

Supported operating systems to date are Windows CE, Symbian and Linux. VMware wants to make mobile phones another part of its management infrastructure - just like servers and PCs.


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