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Analysts expect mobile operators to launch internet model for smartphones


According to new research from Frost & Sullivan, mobile data usage has increased hugely over the past year with 6-14 times more data being used on mobile broadband networks compared with last year.

However, despite the rising popularity of 3G services, with average users downloading over 5GB of data each month, revenues are flat due to the flat pricing model and the new data loads.

As a result, mobile operators are likely to move swiftly to an internet inspired, ‘open’ access model, says Luke Thomas the Frost and Sullivan Programme Manager. He states, “next generation wireless technologies such as 3G LTE and Mobile WiMAX will eventually lead operators to move to an 'open' access, any client device connected, internet model, with the advent of consumer electronic devices being embedded with 3G LTE technology.” This is expected to reduce churn and increase “service stickiness” says Thomas.

In order to begin offering 3G LTE services by next year, or 2011, mobile operators should begin to upgrade their backhaul of locking-in client devices. Operators will make more money if more devices such as laptops, smartphones and UMPCs are connected to their 3G LTE networks.


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