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Launch of Wapple Architect represents mobile internet break-through


Wapple has unveiled Wapple Architect, which will enable developers to optimise PC web-based applications for all mobile devices.

Developers will also be able to create mobile services that integrate existing data and content with complete confidence that the applications will work on every mobile device - from sophisticated smartphones like the iPhone through to basic mobile phone handsets.

Architect uses Wapple`s own XML-based mark-up language, WAPL (Wapple Application Programming Language). WAPL works in the same way as HTML/XHTML for websites and applications. Once WAPL files have been added, Wapple`s web services will detect if a mobile device is being used to access the site and output WAPL as the view file.

Rich Holdsworth, CTO at Wapple, explained the technology: "Architect is a ground breaking technology that integrates at the very heart of an existing web application, unlike transcoding systems.

"There is growing demand for good quality mobile applications and content, but developers have been faced with the impossible task of supporting more than 50,000 device and software variants. The result is that many have either used crude transcoding to deliver very basic content or spent weeks developing different sites for different phones. With Wapple Architect, developers simply build it once and let Wapple`s delivery engine do the rest."


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