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Mobile email popular but confusing for young people, says survey


A survey by Sprint has revealed that almost a third of under-30 consumers would like to make use of mobile email, but they feel prevented from so-doing because they don`t feel confident using a smartphone.

Even though 67% of the young people surveyed by the operator use their mobile phones to send and receive text messages, only 55% currently use mobile email services. 29% of the remaining consumers desire the ability to send and receive email via a smartphone but they perceive such devices as being difficult to operate.

Sprint senior vice president of retail Kim Dixon explained: "While people clearly understand the value of having email access on their mobile device, we`ve found they also perceive it as one of the most difficult functions to use.

"In fact, nearly one in four respondents (22%) across all groups said they have never tried to activate their phone`s email capability because it was too difficult` to figure out. Most surprising, however, is that the youngest age group, 18-24, which we typically assume is the most tech-savvy, was twice as likely as someone over 30 to have tried to activate the email function on their mobile phone but couldn`t successfully complete the task."

Despite these apparent stumbling blocks to utilising mobile email, the concept is growing in popularity. More than half of survey respondents under 30 said they thought a phone with email capability would help them stay in touch with friends and family. 40% of under-30s also believe that having email capability on their phone helps or would help them get more done each day.


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